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We are proud to serve our customers Nespresso Coffee. Only the finest of blends are produced and served to you, any way you desire. From lattes and cappuccinos, or the simple Americano, we will ensure that each drop of coffee is the finest blend. 

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Coffee Menu

All of our coffees are produced with a blend chosen by you and to your taste






Flavoured Syrups also available 

Coffee Range

We have a wide range of coffee blends for you to chose from, varying in both strength and taste. 


The most popular in our range, Cosi is a light and smooth blend of East African, Central and South American Arabicas which has been lightly roasted to create a delicate and balanced marriage of lightly toasted cereal and fruity notes.

Perfect as a mild Americano with warm milk


Master Origin Colombia with Late Harvest Arabica is both a smooth coffee and a fruity coffee. You’ll taste all the winey red fruit notes of blackcurrant and cranberry that surface when you wait. A bright acidity makes this a vivacious coffee. And it’s in smooth balance with those seductive aromatics.

Great tasting Espresso coffee


Fortissio Lungo

As in the age of sailing ships, West Indian Malabar Arabica beans are exposed to monsoon winds after harvest to reveal a distinguished aromatic profile, rich with cereal notes. We blend these with Latin American Arabica beans to create a lungo with a truly intense character.

Serve as a strong Americano, or a mild Cappuccino 


Arpeggio takes its distinctive character and full body from a blend of Central and South American Arabicas. The long roasting allows each aspect to develop into an intense bouquet, combining cocoa and roasted notes.

Envivo Lungo




Envivo Lungo coffee capsule reveals a full body and a remarkable level of intensity for a Lungo.Envivo Lungo, specially designed for the morning by our Coffee Experts, will set the tone for the whole day. It is a long and intense cup that will thrill your palate and stir your senses. Such a good way to start a perfect day..


This blend of washed Arabicas from Latin America and Asia fully unveils its character thanks to the technique of long roasting at a low temperature. Its powerful personality reveals intense roasted notes together with hints of bitter cocoa powder and toasted cereals that express themselves in a silky and velvety texture. In cup it creates a subtle balance and a pleasant bitterness that lingers in the mouth.


A daring blend including Robustas from Brazil and Guatemala, specially prepared for Nespresso, and a separately roasted Arabica from South America, Kazaar is a coffee of exceptional intensity. That full bodied Ristretto is rich in roasted notes. In cup it develops a powerful bitterness and notes of pepper that are balanced by a dense and creamy texture.

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